We created a strategic brand umbrella for Toyota Parts & Service Canada.

Details make the difference logotype
Infrographic of winter tires
Three Toyota emplolyees smile toward the camera.
Three phone screens show social media posts
Collage on Toyota media
Branded toyota booklets
toyota 7
9 still frames from Toyota commercial

A name change means a full re-think of a gelato company’s identity.

Righteous logo
Strawberry and Raspberry gelato products
Chocolate and Mango gelato products
Hand holds Chocolate peanut butter gelato product
Collage of Righteous product and merchandise
Righteous branded truck
Righteous icon logo in select colourways

We introduced the public to real Ontario egg farmers.

Real Farmers. Real Eggs.
Ad in subway
Taxi ad
Bus shelter ad
Truck ad
Social ads
Social collage
Social ask
Social answers collage
Egg Farmers website
Egg farmers recipe in magazine
Virtual booth
Virtual booth insets

The world’s oldest whiskey is introduced to a new generation.

bushmills 3

We created a new brand for Butterball from scratch.

Naturally Inspired logo
Many Naturally Inspired brand turkeys
Photo of Naturally Inspired brand turkeys in a grocery store
Naturally Inspired website on a laptop and cell phone screen
Red farm on a sunny day

A 60 year-old food company advertises for the very first time.

Whoooooos hungry? Owl made of Piller's product
"Cater-Piller's" snack
Spring has Sprung! Piller's flowers
Show your love with salami! Heart shaped pizza
Feed your wabbits. Piller's bunny

For Kruger, we asked people to tell us what makes them Canadian.

Kruger Canadian Made logo
Kruger key visual for campaign
Kruger in store display
Kruger in store display
Kruger website on laptop
Collage of Kruger branded social media

 To teach people all about Chapman’s, we created Chappy, the informative Cow.




For their 125th Birthday, YSM celebrates with the most Toronto-centric campaign ever.

Give 6ix logo
Give 6ix logo next to ad text
Give 6ix logo next to ad text
Give 6ix logo next to ad text
Give 6ix logo next to ad text
Give 6ix logo next to ad text
Give 6ix logo next to ad text

Food artists need great tools. Enter Monogram.

Monogram_Case Study_16x9_092723_AL-01
Monogram_Case Study_16x9_092723_AL-02
Monogram_Case Study_16x9_092723_AL-03
Monogram_Case Study_16x9_092723_AL-04
Monogram_Case Study_16x9_092723_AL-05