Chapmans runs four tasty new spots.

“We believe that everyone deserves a treat, to feel
connected to others and to have some fun in their life.”
– Penny Chapman

Our approach:

We’re talking about ice cream, let’s have a little fun! Let’s leave people with a bit
better idea of what Chapman’s is all about. A Chapman’s ad should leave
people feeling happy, lighthearted, connected and, ultimately, craving a
Chapman’s treat!

Chapman’s felt so connected to our creative, they couldn’t decide which
campaign they liked better, so they bought 2!

Campaign #1

Chapman’s has so many specific product features
and benefits that many people don’t know about.
We created an educational campaign about
Chapman’s that also allowed consumers to connect
with the brand in a lighthearted way. Even better,
we dramatized these moments of education at the
absolute key moment for ice cream – the freezer
aisle where brand choices are truly made.

Chappy (2)

Meet “Chappy” – The Informative Cow:

Campaign #2

There are certain universal truths that all family members can
relate to. These kinds of family dynamics are ripe for
exploration – especially when we explore them at the very
moment they’re enjoying the different flavours and formats of
Chapman’s ice cream.

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Executive Creative Director: Doug Maugham
Art Director: Doug Maugham / Joed David
Copywriter: Jed Churcher
Account Director: Susan Brookes
Producer: Rea Kelly, Marci McCurlie, Megan Madigan
Director: Pete Henderson
Dog: Buddha McCurlie

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